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Conversations on Craft, Creativity, and Conscious Living! The advice is universal: if you want to write, just sit your butt in a chair and start writing! Creativity isn’t always “on call,” though, and the act of writing tugs on all parts of your life: energy, time, focus, dedication, endurance, resilience…the list goes on. Around the Writer’s Table is a podcast that explores the crossroads of creativity, craft, and conscious living for writers of all ages and backgrounds. Join Gina, Melody, and KimBoo around the writer’s table as they bring their unique perspectives to the trials, tribulations, and joys of writing!

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Saturday Jun 01, 2024

Welcome to episode 42 of the Around the Writer’s Table podcast where we discuss the 10th and final stage of Gina’s Creativity Quest guideposts for writers: Yielding to Mastery.
What does mastery look like for writers? It’s not about perfection, or even publication, but about defining success for yourself. We discuss the importance of setting your own goals and defining what mastery means to you.
The episode explores the idea of writing as a lifelong journey, where mastery is not a destination, but an ongoing process of growth and self-discovery. We also touch on the relationship between mastery and confidence, and how both can be cultivated through consistent practice and self-awareness. Join us as we share our personal experiences and insights on this final stage of the creative quest, and encourage you to embrace your own unique path to mastery!
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Wednesday May 15, 2024

In this episode—the first in our interview series—Gina talks with author Rhett DeVane about the inspiration for her books, writing in multiple genres, and what her writing process is like. We explore the theme of intragenerational relationships and how it shows up in her upcoming novel Ditch Weed, as well as other books she’s written. Rhett also shares the meaning behind the book’s title. You don’t want to miss it!
Watch for the upcoming release of Ditch Weed in June 2024, as well as publication of Rhett’s middle-grade fantasy The Dragon Box this fall!
Rhett DeVane
Rhett DeVane is the author of seven published mainstream fiction novels, two coauthored novels, short stories, flash fiction, middle grade chapter books, and poetry. Her short fiction pieces have appeared in five anthologies. She has won numerous awards for her fiction from the Tallahassee Writers Association, Florida Authors and Publishers Association, and the Florida Writers Association. For the past forty-plus years, Rhett has made her home in Tallahassee, located in Florida’s Big Bend area, where she splits her time between writing and thinking about writing. She is currently working on the next novel in line, as well as a series of middle grade and young adult fiction, because her muses refuse to contain her in a single box.
Connect with Rhett through her website or on Facebook.

Wednesday May 01, 2024

We had another great discussion around the writers table about trusting the creative process. I shared my own struggles with perfectionism and procrastination, and how learning to trust my process as a pantser has helped me push through to completion. We also talked about the importance of balance between structure and spontaneity. Melody brought up some great points about planning versus pantsing styles and the potential for burnout if we get too rigid. Gina offered helpful insights into examining our plans and why things may not be going as expected.
Overall, it was encouraging to discuss the challenges of this stage and how accountability, revisiting our purpose, and embracing fallow periods can help us stay motivated. Be sure to listen for more tips on overcoming self-doubt and advice from our upcoming author interview. As always, thanks for tuning in!
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Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

On this episode of Around the Writers Table, Melody and I are solo (duo?) while Gina is out on the road. We  dove deep into the always-fascinating topic of character development. From navigating the mindsets of characters from different time periods to having breakthrough conversations with our creations, we explored all aspects of bringing multidimensional personalities to life. We geeked out over our writing craft and surprised ourselves with some interesting, unexpected insights! 
Check our website for resources on exercises like "Where I'm From" that can help you get to know your characters on a deeper level. As always, thanks for listening and joining the conversation!
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Monday Apr 01, 2024

In this episode, Gina, Melody, and KimBoo explore a pivotal stage in Gina's "Creativity Quest" approach to writing, focusing on the theme of "Trusting the Process."
This stage challenges writers to decide whether to persevere or give up when faced with obstacles. Gina shares the apocryphal story of R.U. Darby and his quest for gold, illustrating the importance of resilience and persistence in creative endeavors. KimBoo reflects on her own experiences of trusting the process, emphasizing the value of realizing that storytelling itself is her ultimate goal. Melody adds insights about taking breaks and reevaluating goals during challenging times.
Together, they delve into the deeper meaning of success in writing beyond tangible outcomes, highlighting the journey of self-discovery and growth that accompanies the creative process. Tune in to the next episode for a discussion on the seasons of writing and their connection to this critical stage in the creative journey.
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Friday Mar 15, 2024

This week on Around the Writers Table, we dove deeper into the topic of integrating creative identity and how it relates to the seasons of writing. We shared personal stories about when others first recognized our creativity and how that shaped our development. I reflected on my mother's support despite differences in taste, and struggles claiming my identity while being told I was creative. Gina and Melody also shared childhood memories where their creativity was acknowledged. We discussed challenges with claiming identity and trusting the process beyond word count. Next time we'll focus on trusting the process fully as we near the end of Gina's creativity quest guide. Be sure to follow along on our journey!
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Friday Mar 01, 2024

Hey everyone, we're here with our latest episode of Around the Writers Table! Today we dove into the next phase of Gina's Creativity Quest model: Integrating and Dedicating. This stage is all about bringing your creative identity out into the open and committing fully to your work.
Gina led us in a discussion about what this stage demands, including honesty, self-review, and resilience in the face of potential criticism. We also connected it to concepts like Steven Pressfield's Resistance and Caroline Myss's advice on growth patterns. Melody and I shared our own experiences with claiming our identities as writers publicly. We  hope you find it insightful for your own creative journey. Thanks so much for listening!

Thursday Feb 15, 2024

This episode delves further into Gina's Creativity Quest stage of verifying and testing. We explored how this process of testing our creative boundaries and sharing our work with others relates to the natural seasons of writing and plant spirit medicine. Melody provided insights on using these paradigms to stay aligned with our creative vision during challenging periods of revision and maturation. For many of us, the fall season of letting go and accepting feedback is when doubts can creep in. But having clarity on our purpose and maintaining community support can help us through.
We also discussed our clients' struggles to see the forest for the trees and lose sight of their goals. Productivity coaching aims to help them build confidence by establishing clear plans. Whether your strength lies in ideation or revision, we hope we offered perspectives on maintaining balance and harmony on your creative journey. Join us next time as we enter the stage of fully integrating and dedicating ourselves to our craft.
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Thursday Feb 01, 2024

In this episode, we continue their exploration of the Creativity Quest, focusing on "Verifying and Testing." As we delve into this stage of the creative journey, we discuss the challenges and opportunities it presents for creative individuals.
Verifying and Testing is a crucial phase where creators begin to test their skills and share their work more openly with the world. It's a time when validation and feedback become essential, but it can also be a period filled with skepticism and criticism from others. We share our personal experiences handling criticism and discerning when (and from whom) to seek feedback.
We highlight the importance of self-awareness, emphasizing the need to understand one's own reactions to feedback, whether positive or negative. Recognizing trustworthy sources and the right timing for feedback is a valuable skill during this stage.
Listeners are invited to join the conversation as we navigate the external challenges that come with sharing creative work. This episode offers insights and strategies for maintaining resilience and boundaries while embracing the creative journey's external aspects. It's an exploration that reveals much about the creative process and how individuals can thrive throughout it!
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An Overview of The Creativity Quest:
An episode focused on boundaries
Previous guideposts we mentioned: Assessing and Acknowledging and Carrying Inner Disquiet
1 Million Words Club writer’s membership community
Gina’s blog: Gina’s Quill
KimBoo’s blog: KimBoo’s Scriptorium
Questions on the Five Seasons and Verifying & Testing
Spring: Do I verify and test the work I am currently involved with against my vision for my project? In other words, does the work I am currently doing fit my intended vision?
Summer: Does the process of maturation of my WIP (revisions, editing, development) hold up to my vision? Do I invite my writing community to give me support and encouragement?
Harvest: Do I take occasions to celebrate my work at whatever stage it is in? Do I feed myself emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually in balanced ways?
Fall: How do I verify and test my work against feedback provided by editors, beta readers, and critique groups? Do their comments and suggestions fit into my vision and what I know to be true regarding my project, characters, and story line?
Winter: How do I provide myself with appropriate moments of rest in each phase of my work? Do I allow myself time to "sleep on it" when considering important revisions/changes to my WIP?

Tuesday Jan 16, 2024

This episode focuses on the relationship between authenticity and the seasons of writing! Your lovely hosts Gina, Melody, and KimBoo discuss how inviting authentic existence, one of the guideposts in Gina's Creativity Quest cycle of creativity, applies to all five seasons since authenticity is integral to fully expressing each stage of growth and change.
Melody explains how each season influences authenticity, and we share our experiences finding our authentic voices over time through recognizing recurring themes and having a positive physical response when we engage in writing sincerely. Reading work aloud can also reveal authenticity that is otherwise hidden during the editing process. While the process is gradual, realizing that she had written over one million words helped KimBoo develop a richer, more authentic style and is one reason why she started the 1 Million Words membership community for writers.
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